Some stuff I want to share for no good reason

May, 2022

A new thing that I learned

Walking around the beach, we found a creature washed up to the shore: a blue balloon with a few tentacles. We weren't sure if it was dead so we tried to push it back to the ocean with the help of a stick (spoilers: we managed to push it, but it washed up to the shore again.) After a brief research we realized that it was a Portuguese Man O'War and it has an 'excrutiatingly painful' sting that can cause sever allergic reactions and even death, so we congratulated each other on the idea of using a stick to poke it around.

What am I reading?

No longer human
Junji Ito
The original story belongs to Osamu Dazai but combined with Junji Ito's incredible talent for visualizing horror and anxiety, it truly becomes magnificent. The story itself, albeit depressing, immediately sucks you in.

Which song is on repeat?

This song is one of the many beautiful songs in the soundtrack of Death Stranding.

Which game am I playing?

LEGO Harry Potter
TT Games, Traveller's Tales, Double Eleven, TT Fusion
We are already at the second year. I keep targeting my husband with my wand, but in my defense I am playing Ron so that kinda fits the character.

Food of the month

Stuffed Grape Leaves
Found a great one at Costco and slowly getting addicted to it.
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